ICF Program


Your ideal start in coaching according to ICF standards


  • International Coaching Training Program according to ICF standards
  • The program has international ACSTH accreditation (76 hours)
Коучинг международного уровня
  • Candidate of Psychological Sciences (specialty «Clinical Psychology»)
  • She taught a course in clinical psychology at Perm State University
  • Professional mentor and supervisor for coaches and psychologists
  • Ex-Head of the ICF Russia Chapter Certification Committee
  • Co-author of Method 5 Prism
  • Businessman
  • Co-founder and producer of the International School of Floristry Turcan School
  • Coach for middle and top managers
  • Psychologist, specialization «psychodiagnostics»
  • Co-author of Method 5 Prism

Co-hosts of the course:

  • Julia Zatulovsky, coach PCC ICF
  • Oksana Vevers, coach PCC ICF

Part of the educational program of additional education  advanced training program – «International Level Coaching» – the first module «Act like a coach» (Coaching as a type of psychological assistance. Coaching skills)


Coaching is something more than just a profession. In addition to the professional status recognized in 154 countries around the world, you will master strategies and skills that will help you build a successful life.


Want to become a coach

You will master a modern profession in demand from recognized masters of international level. Learn how to earn and benefit people.

Entrepreneur or manager

You want to improve the efficiency of team management and business processes. Develop leadership competencies and strategic thinking. Learn how to solve conflict situations in the win-win approach. You will become a master of negotiations. Expand the range of your management skills.

A person interested in personal development

And you want to get to know yourself better, define your real goals, and achieve them. It is important for you to learn to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you using coaching technologies.

Coach, HR specialist, business coach, consultant

You will reach a new level of professionalism and depth of work, thanks to the support of teachers coaches MCC ICF (the highest degree of qualification).

14 training sessions of 2 hours each

14 practical sessions lasting 2 hours each in the format of coaching sessions with a teacher – a professional coach ACC/PCC ICF

Channel in Telegram. It will contain all the information about the course

Each lesson consists of two parts:


Learning the basic concepts, principles of work and application of the coaching method; basic coaching models and tools


Gaining experience in coaching relationships and practical skills of professional coaching

The course has an international ACSTH accreditation

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organization of professional coaches, which unites more than 42,500 practicing coaches in 147 countries and has a 25-year history.

ACSTH 5 Prism Certificate


Receive the international coaching certificate ACSTH ICF, recognized in 154 countries around the world.

Делай как коуч

Master the most demanded profession and reach a new level of income.

Делай как коуч
Делай как коуч

Learn to fulfill your true desires using coaching.

Делай как коуч

Strengthen your professional skills using coaching tools.

We teach coaching from scratch to the international level according to ICF standards


  • Open the door to a profession that is in demand all over the world.

In practice, you will feel, understand and see what professional coaching is according to international standards.

  • Teach the use of coaching in professional and personal life.

You will increase personal effectiveness, strengthen communication skills and master the skill of achieving goals.

  • Show ways to reach a new level of income.

We will teach you how to earn money with coaching and use coaching tools to increase income in your business.

Делай как коуч

THE COURSE PROGRAM, ACSTH ICF 76 hours (110 acad.hours)

The first module «Act Like a Coach» (Coaching as a type of psychological help. Coaching skills), CCE ICF 25 hours (40 acad.hours)

Start on July 19

Introduction to Professional Coaching

Understanding the principles of coaching and understanding the difference between coaching, psychotherapy and training

  • What is coaching according to international standards
  • Key differences between coaching and psychotherapy and counseling
  • 3 types of communication in coaching
  • Basic coaching principles and models
  • What is an emotional and somatic response
  • How it is used in coaching
  • The method of finding the true purpose
  • Reverse planning method
  • The model of the required future


  • You will have practice with elements of a coaching session in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) with the support of a professional curator
  • You will understand the principles of coaching according to international standards and realize the difference between coaching, psychotherapy and training
  • Learn to work with emotional and somatic response

Design consciously

The structure of the coaching session and the goal setting

  • Modern knowledge about the brain and its application in coaching
  • 8D model for extensive research and clarification of the true purpose of the client
  • The universal structure of the coaching session
  • Types of thinking and their activation during a coaching session
  • Zone of control and locus of control – managing the focus of responsibility


  • You will have practice with elements of a coaching session with a curator in a small group to consolidate the skill of creating a smart goal
  • Master the structure of a coaching session
  • Learn how to set true goals and find out what influences their achievement
  • Master the universal model of true purpose research
  • Learn to use different types of thinking to solve your own tasks and the client’s tasks

Accept it

Working with facts, the skill of creating a comfortable space for the development of yourself, clients and employees

  • Types of cognitive distortions and their influence on behavior
  • Fast and slow thinking system
  • Factual and non-judgemental thinking as the foundation of professional coaching according to international standards
  • Development of thinking flexibility and focus management
  • Development of emotional intelligence through the skill of separating facts from interpretations


  • You will have practice under the supervision of a curator to consolidate the skill, a non-judgemental and factual approach
  • Learn to separate facts from your own interpretations and master proactive focus management
  • Learn to notice your and the client’s cognitive distortions and bypass them


Ideas about the development of creative thinking

  • Factual feedback as the basis of developing communication
  • Open ended questions that lead to better solutions
  • Criteria for strong questions in coaching
  • Model T for expanding research and focusing
  • Using transformational pauses


  • You will have practice with elements of a coaching session under the supervision of a curator
  • Master the skill of developing feedback
  • Master the T model as a research tool
  • Learn to ask questions that help expand the research, focus on the main thing and find the best solution

Take responsibility

Creating a success strategy. Developing awareness among clients and employees

  • The structure of the coaching session: the beginning and the end as strong points
  • What is a coaching agreement for a session
  • Principles of partner support for the client
  • The development of awareness and responsibility in the client or employees


  • You will have practice with the elements of a coaching session under the supervision of a curator to consolidate the structure of the coaching session
  • Master the techniques of stimulating client’s awareness
  • Learn how to return responsibility to the client and provide eco-friendly support

Bonus: Using coaching technologies in business

  • Management styles in business
  • Developing feedback on completed and not completed tasks
  • Ways to effectively set and delegate tasks


  • Learn to identify the style of the leader and his behavioral strategies
  • Understand how to use coaching in business, negotiations and team management to achieve results


Participants of the packages «Practitioner + promotion» and «Personal» master part (section 1) of the educational program of additional professional education – the advanced training program «Money in Coaching»

1 training session, recorded

1 online webinar – questions and answers on topic 1 «Defining specialization and finding the first clients»


Part (section 1, duration 6 acad.hours) of educational program of additional professional education – advanced training program «Money in coaching»


Defining specialization and finding the first clients

  • Setting a big goal in coaching for 1 year
  • Defining your niche in coaching
  • Identifying the target audience, its needs, values and pains
  • Forming of the coach’s selling offer
  • Determining the price of an hour and service packages
  • You will conduct your first paid coaching sessions
  • Determine the price of your hour and create coaching packages
  • Get practical tools to create a selling coaching offer
  • You will describe in detail your development in coaching for 1 year ahead

The second module «Think Like a Coach» (Consulting and coaching: models and effective approaches), CCE ICF 51 hours (70 acad.hours)

Start on June 14



A long-term agreement. Session Agreement

  • ICF professional competency 3 – establishing agreement
  • The structure of the holistic process of long-term coaching
  • Types of agreement in coaching
    long-term agreement (author’s models)
  • Session agreement – criteria for a strong agreement as the basis for an effective session
  • Author’s models of strong agreement
  • The focus of the coach and the client’s attention in establishing agreement for the session
  • Partnership with the client at all stages of the agreement
  • Criteria for the demonstration of the ability to establish the agreement (markers of Competency 3)


  • You will have practices with elements of a coaching session in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) to consolidate the skill of establishing the agreement
  • The skill to create clear agreements and maintain a long-term agreement with a client
  • Understanding what requests a coach can and cannot work with
  • The skill of establishing an effective agreement for a session


Cooperation with the client – without manipulation and maintenance

  • ICF professional competency 4
  • Fundamentals of psychological security
  • The physiology of trust and distrust
  • Partnership in a session as a tool for building trust
  • Partner Support Formula
  • Parent-Adult-Child model in Coaching
  • ICF Markers of Competency 4


  • Conduct coaching sessions in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) to consolidate the skill of demonstrating Competency 4 «Trust»
  • The skill of creating a safe trusting space for in-depth work with the client
  • The skill of partner support and cooperation with the client at all stages of the session
  • The skill of involving the client in work and in-depth research through partnership

Active listening in coaching, listening levels. Author’s coaching models

  • ICF professional competencies 5 and 6
  • Managing the focus of attention in a session
  • The algorithm of working with strong emotions of the client
  • Principles of promotional coaching feedback
  • Listening levels
  • Development of listening skills through deep listening focuses in the session (author’s models)
  • Markers of presence and listening competencies


  • Conduct coaching sessions in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) to develop listening skills
  • Ability to manage the focus of attention
  • A clear understanding of how to work with strong emotions and how to use session resources for deep research
  • The skill of deep holistic listening

The importance of awareness in the coaching process. Ways to expand client’s awareness

ICF competency 7 – evokes new awareness
Ways to take the client beyond the current picture of the world (the author’s approach)
Silence as a tool for deep research
Indicators of insights in the session (author’s approach)
Working with the client at the level of Being and at the level of Doing
Working with metaphors and analogies – using the resources of the subconscious mind in the session
Rules of competent work with metaphor
Metaphors of the client and metaphors of the coach in working with the client
Demonstration of Competency 7 Markers in the work of a coach


  • Conduct coaching sessions in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) to master and consolidate the skill of working with metaphors and in-depth research
  • The ability to competently and effectively use the resources of the subconscious mind in work through metaphors and analogies in sessions
  • The skill of working with metaphors and analogies

Coach’s responsibility and ability to manage client’s responsibility in the coaching process

  • ICF competency 8
  • How to ensure the effectiveness of the session
  • Transfer the client’s awareness into everyday practice
  • Designing actions between sessions and after finishing work with the coach
  • Partnership and support for the autonomy and independence of the client
  • Effective and developing end of the session
  • Closing the coaching agreement
    Markers of competency 8


  • Conduct a full coaching session in a safe environment
  • Take the exam and receive an ACSTH certificate confirming your qualification as a professional coach ICF
  • Conduct coaching sessions in a safe environment of a small group (up to 3 people) to master and consolidate the skill of working with metaphors and in-depth research
  • The skill of ensuring the effectiveness of sessions, maintaining the growth and responsibility of the client
  • The ability to design all the client’s awareness into concrete actions and results in partnership


Participants of the package «Practitioner + promotion» and «Personal» master part (section 2) of the educational program of additional professional education – the advanced training program «Money in Coaching»

3 training sessions, recorded

3 practical classes with a teacher – a professional coach

1 online webinar – questions and answers


Part (section 2, duration 12 hours) of the educational program of additional professional education – advanced training program «Money in Coaching»


Working with thinking (presenter Yuri Muradyan, MCC ICF)

  • Working through limiting beliefs about finances
  • Working with Impostor syndrome
  • Drivers of financial growth and the formation of «money» habits
  • Overcoming fears and internal barriers


  • You will organize your life so as to achieve the desired success without obstacles and learn how to launch creative thinking and apply it to solve your financial problems

Business strategy in coaching (presenter Maria Fokina, expert in sales and digital marketing, coach PCC ICF)

  • How to start earning 100,000 or more from coaching in a month?
  • Cost accounting and the level of comfortable expenses. Financial plan
  • Long-term financial business strategy
  • Life hack: how to grow 3 times in coaching income in a year?


  • You will set a financial big goal, form your strategy in coaching, including a financial business model, determine tactical steps to achieve it, and also learn the main principles of an entrepreneur’s thinking

Sales channels and funnels (presenter Maria Fokina, expert in sales and digital marketing, coach of PCC ICF)

  • Positioning
  • Sales channels of coaching services
  • Product line formation and sales channel management
  • Sales funnels and a step-by-step plan for building a sales funnel
  • Storytelling


  • You will form a product line. You will understand your main and additional sales channels of services. Learn how to manage a sales channel. Get a complete understanding of the formation of a sales funnel and create your own sales funnels for selected sales channels
Weeks of development and immersion in the profession
Hours of coaching training from highly qualified masters
Hours of practice with professional curators



After completing the course, you will receive an international certificate
ACSTH ICF in electronic and paper form

ACSTH ICF сертификат


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Franco Rotella

Franco Rotella

The course «International Level Coaching»

Franco studied and did almost everything that could catch his interest. Then he became interested in coaching and decided to become a coach.

Point A

During 10 years Franco did almost everything that could catch his interest, but it
didn’t make him happy.

Point B

Before finishing the first module, Franco might have given over 10 or 15 hours of free sessions.
All his clients had positive results.

Video review
Kristina Logvinenko

Kristina Logvinenko

The course «International Level Coaching»

Thanks to the course, Кristina successfully runs her own coaching business practice and is more confident at what she does. Let’s dive into the details of her inspiring journey!

Point A

A beginner coach with a background in Finance in search of new tools, instruments and confidence to grow in her past career and
become a better leader.

Point B

Has a clearer understanding of what coaching is, confidence to grow her own coaching business practice and quit a full-time job.
$250 per coaching
session with a broadened audience worldwide.

Video review
Video review
Anna Baranovskaya

Anna Baranovskaya

The course «International Level Coaching»

Anna wanted to change something about her life and coaching happened to be the instrument that got into her hands at the right moment and she used it. How did it happen? Let’s find out.

Point A

A practicing coach at 2.500 rubles per session, business owner with the desire to
change and expand her life.

Point B

The course
expanded horizons
and ingrained self-belief. An active practicing coach with about 40 Russian and 20 foreign entrepreneur clients worldwide, 9.000 rubles per session.

Video review
Video review
Бэлла Ким

Bella Kim

The course «International Level Coaching»

She is a psychologist who freaked out and left a successful career for the sake of personal coaching practice. Before training in coaching, a successful HR specialist, excellent prospects for growth in the company and further training in psychology.

Point A

education in coaching, but she has no self-confidence as a professional. Professional identity has not been formed

Point B

I am a professional coach with a successful private practice. For two months, the income from coaching practice amounted to

Video review
Антон Викторов

Anton Viktorov

The course «International Level Coaching»

He has a lot of professional experience: almost 10 years of successful career in construction, 6 years of practice as a sports coach. But after starting coaching, his life has acquired a new degree of freedom. Why would a snowboarding coach give up what he loved for coaching?

Point A

The goal is to find
a profitable business
to supplement the main type of professional activities

Point B

Coaching is the main profession. In 3 months he received a monthly income of
Moved to live and work in Bali

Video review
Анастасия Крыгина

Anastasia Krygina

The course «International Level Coaching»

I always asked a lot of questions, the teachers even scolded me for it. Now I get paid for it.
She graduated from high school with a gold medal, she entered the university on a budget and was very disappointed in her chosen specialty.

Point A


Point B

At the age of 19, a practicing coach with an income of

Video review
Светлана Шаталина

Svetlana Shatalina

The course «International Level Coaching»

Ex-Head of business development sales PJSC Megafon, PJSC MTS, PJSC Vimpelcom
Graduate of the Academy of 5 Prism

«Nothing is impossible».
Successful career in the telecommunication business in top positions, high team results. Why change something?

Point A

in leadership positions

Точка Б

Quit hiring, income from coaching

Video review
Алина Дудина

Alina Dunina

The course «The 5 Prism in the Work of a Coach»

«Everyone wonders how I, having two children and being pregnant, manage to work so much, enjoy it and earn 570.000 rubles a month. It's simple, because I really like it».

Point A

per month from individual coaching work

Point B

The cost of the session is $130

Video review
Дарья Сивелькина

Daria Sivelkina

The course «International Level Coaching»

«Coaching gave me an understanding of myself. I used to spread myself. One week I wanted to open my own business, the second - to become a designer, the third - to organize forums. Along with coaching, the question "why" and a clear understanding of my desires appeared in my life».

Point A

Maternity leave and decision
to study for a coach

Point B

Coaching income
per month (more than in hiring)

Video review
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Theoretical classes are held once a week on the Zoom platform on Wednesdays at 20:00 Moscow time for the evening group and at 11:00 Moscow time for the morning group

You can watch the recordings on the Getcourse platform: access to lessons is maintained for 2 months after the end of classes

The student’s workbook was created to consolidate the material and support you in learning

Practical classes once a week on the Zoom platform according to the schedule*

*adjustments in the practice schedule are possible

Online format

Learn from anywhere in the world. To do this, you only need the Internet access. Recordings of all training webinars and links to additional materials will be available to you on a special platform.

Training webinars and demo sessions

The theoretical part and demo sessions will be held in the format of webinars.

Practice in small groups of up to 3 people with teachers

For each practical training, participants will be divided into small groups. Each group is accompanied by a teacher – a professional coach ACC/PCC ICF.

Live communication with the course presenters

You will be able to ask questions during the training and immediately receive answers to them.

The course administrator will help you solve any issue related to training

Our team of administrators will help you quickly deal with all the technical and organizational aspects of the course.


Number of clients per month
Number of sessions with one client per month
Price per one session
За месяц вы провели 0  сессий
Для потрясающих 0  клиентов
And earned professionally by supporting your clients 0 $
Your annual income is 0 $


I wanted to start coaching foreigners. The results I achieved:

– I’ve started implementing the 5 Prism method in my work and life
– set up English instagram account so that I can be a Life&Career coach for foreigners;
– set the dates for the first discovery-sessions with a client from Canada and another one from Germany;
– I’ve realized that I can and should be coaching in English and even use some of these techniques during my lessons with students
– during one of the practical classes I’ve started planning my very first conference for those who study foreign languages
– I’ve sent 7 applications for one of the biggest conferences in Russian ELT world on different mixed topics of coaching+ESL

There are many more results, but these are the most important ones.

My awareness, the style of coaching and plans for the future – all this has changed after the course.
Most of all I loved our workshops with Anastasia Borisova. And the thing is that this course allows students to practice in English, just by being in this environment – it’s amazing!

I’ll continue implementing the skills I got in my work and life on a daily basis. If the Universe makes it happen, I’ll go to the second module this year and continue mastering my skills in this fantastic field.

I just wanna say BIG THANK YOU! for the course, the feedback from our instructors and all the participants of this program. It was a pleasure being a part of something new and definitely great! Many thanks!!

Anastasia Fox

Anastasia Fox

Language Coach, ESL Teacher, Life&Career Coach, Course Designer, Entrepreneur in Moscow

I got a clear understanding of what coaching is about, realized that this is something I want to go further with in my career. I started to conduct coaching sessions. I am applying my new outlook to my everyday life with my family, friends and coworkers and to my current work with students as well. It opens up new opportunities, improves relationships and enriches experiences.

Online mode allows you to join the course from any point on the planet. The schedule for practical classes is very flexible, so that students can pick a time slot that works for them specifically despite different time zones. All materials are available on the course platform after class.

I am planning to use the skills I got to take a new path in my career as a coach. It opens up new horizons where only the sky’s the limit.

I really appreciate that the course was in English. As an immigrant in the US I used this chance to enhance my vocabulary .

Gohar Hakobyan

Gohar Hakobyan

Math teacher

In the very beginning I was looking for some interesting course to improve my English. Originally I was an English teacher and I know how important it is to constantly develop. And then the first module «Act like a coach» emerged. I didn’t even know for sure what coaching was at that moment. But since the very first classes I found myself in the very new fascinating world of coaching. And my request is already professional. I am here to practice, to go deeper into coaching.
During the course I have conducted a number of coaching sessions and now I feel I am ready to open up to the world as a new coach. Moreover there is a number of skills which are really helpful in my everyday life with my kids, with my students, family, etc.
As a result I am speaking out loud that I am learning to be a coach.

Olga Vilchur

Olga Vilchur

I gained much higher confidence in my ability to be neutral and see the feelings behind the words. I became much more aware of other people’s feelings, emotions, and minor changes in the speech which helped me to increase empathy. I especially liked in this course the fact that there is a lot of practice even during the lectures we have an opportunity to talk and discuss. How will I use the skills acquired in the future? I am practicing coaching and thinking about having international clients as well. But also I use these skills in my job(s), since it gives me an opportunity to listen more attentively and ask deeper questions and progress quicker.

Anastasiia Trofimova

Anastasiia Trofimova

Financial Controller, teacher, coach

My main goal was to launch my coaching practice in English + see the way 5PRISM academy sees coaching. I achieved both! horizons expansion! I saw much more perspectives for my coaching practice development. I especially liked Master-classes with triads and feedback. And the second part of tuesday classes with demo-discussions. Im starting to implement 8D model, hamburger etc in my english practice from today on. thanks for everything! Was amazing journey!

Anna Baranovskaya

Anna Baranovskaya

Female Entrepreneur Coach

Originally I wanted to explore what coaching is. During the course I started formulating questions that get me to a desired point sooner. I improved planning and implementing goals skills. It was very valuable course trainers sharing their experiences. And now I am making a career out of coaching.

Ena Patten

Ena Patten

Within this course I wanted to just touch coaching in English, warm up my English, repeat the basics, update my vocabulary, check my readiness to coach in English if it occurs. All the stated goals are achieved. I should highly evaluate the approach and the way the courses of the Academy are done, both easy to understand and apply. I liked practical part after each lecture. I think it would be great if the members and tutors of the practical parts could be mixed every time. It would better influence the group dynamics, as well as make closer the course students during live sessions. So now I feel ready to hold the coaching sessions both in Russian and English as the course helped to reveal my strong features and understanding that language is important but living in the process is a way to see the client and follow his needs. I finished the course with gratitude and best withes to the Academy.

Natalia Tkacheva

Natalia Tkacheva

ACSTH certificate

I wanted To have the experience in English. I fulfilled my goal, got better confidence. I especially liked the work in groups after each lesson, and I will use the skills gained as a basis of my practice.

Mariana Baugh

Mariana Baugh


I wanted to become a coach and start having sessions with real clients. As a result I managed to become a coach, learn about active listening and after doing many sessions for free (practice) I managed to keep one of them and turn her into a client. After the course I think better about my actions, I actively listen to other people and I try to engage my slow thinking system more often. I especially liked the instructors and the practices on saturday. Now I am already developing my instagram account to find more clients and these skills are proving to be really useful in my day to day

Franco Rotella

Franco Rotella

Office worker

My goal was to learn instruments to implement into my teaching practice in order to help my students find more energy for lessons. During the course I had a very inspiring session with my student about her goal so that she even requested to continue this conversation next lesson. After the course when I feel uncomfortable or close to a conflict situation I try to imagine what a fly on the window would see here. It helps to stay neutral. I especially liked very clear structure of the course: lecture – demo – practice. Now I will have an intro session with my new clients or a session before a new course.

Irina Skornyakova

Irina Skornyakova

Teacher of English

A deep, practical course. Now there is an understanding of how to establish an agreement, demonstrate all competencies, expand and deepen sessions. I am grateful to the instructors and curators for the supportive environment and knowledge. I got more than I expected. I continue to study. I am sure that this is just the beginning of my journey, I will be successful together with 5 Prism. Yuri and Olga, special thanks to you for your warmth and energy.

Lilia D.

Lilia D.

Founder of the company «Meat Yurt»

An unrealistic combination of practical benefits, scientific validity, depth and energy! That unique case when everything responds: how the learning process is organized and its duration, what goals are set for training, and how the path to them is built, how carefully and deeply the practice takes place. I thank the 5 Prism team for every detail of this course, for professionalism, tact, care and quality!

Marina U.

Marina U.

Quality Manager of a hotel chain

I am delighted with the program International Level Coaching! I advised all my colleagues to study with you! Materials, presentation, depth of knowledge are impressive, and also the atmosphere. 5 Prism has such a developing and supportive environment that there is no doubt about the successful realization of oneself in the coaching profession.Huge thanks to the whole team!

Anna B.

Anna B.

Corporate Mindfulness Coach

I am very grateful to the creators and presenters of the course for the training program, support, responsible approach and care for me as a client and student. The course turned my life around, gave me entry into a new profession, confidence and intention. Thank you sincerely.

Anastasia K.

Anastasia K.

Coach, blogger

I am writing this review with great gratitude and admiration for a thorough, professional, deeply interested in students approach! I studied at another coaching school and went to 5 Prism rather to get a little deeper into the mechanics of coaching. I absolutely did not expect that I would work so much, systematically, deeply on the basic coaching tools.

I completely changed my idea of coaching, about the interaction of the coach and the client, about the results and the process of work! From a vague belief in magic to a systematic approach based on the fundamentals of psychophysiology! Thank you for the program and its brilliant organization, for the incredible coaching community and the work of the assistants! You are not just a coaching school, you are a whole system! I am moving on with you with joy and anticipation! Thanks to you, I feel confident in myself and feel the desire to work in a coaching format!

Yana S.

Yana S.


The course opened up a new field of knowledge for me, which can be used in my life and in any professional activity. The principles of coaching about neutrality, non-directivity and partnership began to be used in life. Non-directivity is a manifestation of trust. Neutrality is the ability to look at the actions and thoughts of other people from the point of view of the diversity of their capabilities. Partnership: trust + neutrality.

Introducing them into my life, I felt that it became easier for me to communicate with people. It is much more interesting to observe, track your emotions, analyze them. I think I’ve grown up, and I like it.

Irina Y.

Irina Y.


I am delighted both with the program and with the way how professionally and competently the space around the program is built. From the first webinar, we were given a working tool that allowed each of us to immediately try on the role of a coach and form our own view of the profession. Gradually, this tool acquired new features and facets, turning into a whole system of knowledge that a coach could rely on in his work. And the experience that we received together with the delicate and careful feedback from the curators turned out to be truly invaluable.

I sincerely thank Olga, Yuri and Yulia for the webinars with their lively and powerful energy. And, of course, I thank all the curators of the course who provided comprehensive support throughout the course, highlighting our strengths and growth areas. Special thanks for the opportunities provided by the 5 Prism Alumni Club. It’s precious!

Fatima T.

Fatima T.

Chief accountant

I am absolutely delighted with the training! I believed that I would be able to change my life! Thank you for the way the training is built, for the energy, lively communication, openness, sincerity, participation! For the most important knowledge, both for personal and professional life! Practical, applied, real knowledge, tested by experience! Every lesson is a new insight for me! I am completing the first module with a great sense of gratitude and anticipation for the second one!

Olga K.

Olga K.

Visa specialist

At the last lecture, I burst into tears, that’s the somatic response. In addition to the most interesting knowledge, I got the experience of the amazing work of the 5 Prism Academy team, this is the standard of the team work. Each of the instructors charges with different emotions, and one gets almost a full range of emotions and knowledge! Thanks to everyone who works on this course.

Maria K.

Maria K.

Teacher on maternity leave

Thank you for the deep course. Information, supporting environment, knowledge, and practice are presented in an accessible, understandable way. All this was not just useful, but also very interesting, curious. Well, right on top. There is an understanding of how to work as a coach. I have deep knowledge of how to improve my life and the lives of my future clients at the session. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Victoria T.

Victoria T.

Instagram administrator

It’s a deep program. I liked everything being clear, precise timing, distinct information, without wasting time. And the practice is organized in the most capacious and developing way possible! I enjoyed it. I’m waiting for the beginning of part 2.

Svyatoslav Gushchin

Svyatoslav Gushchin

Head of Sales (B2C) in Yandex.Praktikum, Personal Development and Management Thinking coach

I got a lot more than I wanted. After completing the program «Act Like a Coach», I couldn’t stop and signed up for the program «Think Like a Coach». It changed me, made me believe in the power of coaching. The training takes place in a convenient mode, fantastic instructors. I have found like-minded people with whom I communicate with great pleasure. It’s become a part of my life. Now I am studying at the program «Guidance Toward ACC» and I aim to connect the future with coaching.

Natalia B.

Natalia B.

Banking Product Development Manager
Коуч Ольга Рыбина

Author and presenter of the program

Olga Rybina

Coach ICF MCC (the highest level of qualification according to the standards of the International Coaching Federation)

  • Candidate of Psychological Sciences (specialty «Clinical Psychology»)
  • She taught a course in clinical psychology at Perm State University
  • Professional mentor and supervisor for coaches and psychologists
  • Ex-Head of the ICF Russia Chapter Certification Committee
  • Co-author of Method 5 Prism
Коуч Юрий Мурадян

Author and presenter of the program

Yuri Muradyan

Coach ICF MCC (the highest level of qualification according to the standards of the International Coaching Federation)

  • Businessman
  • Co-founder and producer of the International School of Floristry Turcan School
  • Coach for middle and top managers
  • Psychologist, specialization «psychodiagnostics»
  • Co-author of Method 5 Prism
Коуч Юлия Затуловски

Co-host of the program

Julia Zatulovsky


  • Professional coach, coaching teacher in Israel, lecturer and presenter of author’s seminars on attention management
  • Head of the ICF Israel Control Commission
  • Education: Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology and Business Management), MBA in Finance
  • Additional education: Pragot Institute – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Анастасия Левина

Mentor of the program

Anastasia Levina


  • Candidate of Sciences
  • Professional mentor for coaches
  • Head of the Institute of Mentors and Supervisors of the Academy 5 Prism

*Academy 5 Prism reserves the right to replace the presenters


International Coaching Training Program according to ICF standards (76 hours ACSTH)

Educational program of additional professional education – advanced training programs «International Level Coaching» (110 academic hours)

  • International ACSTH ICF certificate in electronic and paper form
  • Certificate of professional development
  • Support and feedback from the curators throughout the training
  • Personal account with all course materials
  • Access to records in the participant’s personal account
  • Access to the closed Telegram channel for participants
  • The opportunity to receive a tax deduction for tuition


International Level Coaching

$2290 $1990
  • 2nd module of the program «International Level Coaching» ACSTH (76 hours)
  • 13 weeks of classes
  • Workbooks on each topic of the course
  • Personal account with all course materials
  • Access to records in the participant's personal account for 2 months after completion of training
  • The possibility of obtaining an international certificate ACSTH ICF
  • Access to Telegram private chat for participants
  • Support and feedback from teachers throughout the training
  • Bonus: access to the Alumni Coaching Club for 5 months

Conditions for obtaining an international ACSTH certificate


  • on 2 modules of the program
  • at 14 webinars (you can listen to no more than 2 recorded webinars for the entire course)


  • in 14 practices
  • in 3 group analysis of sessions


  • get feedback on 2 observed sessions, conduct a session that meets the minimum requirements for the ACC level according to ICF standards


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