Olga Rybina – Coach MCC ICF

Olga Rybina – Coach MCC ICF

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When her name is pronounced in the professional environment of coaches or psychologists, then nothing else to add. Because Olga Rybina is a brand. This is a unique set of professional and personal qualities, combined in one word – master.

And this brand is also closely related to the word «First»:

  • the first coach MCC after a ten-year break since the conquest of this peak by Svetlana Chumakova,
  • co-author of the first international coaching program in the Russian-speaking area,
  • one of the first supervisors and mentors for coaches in Russia,
  • mentor of the first coaches MCC in Ukraine.

She has trained more than a thousand specialists. A good half of the current Russian MCC coaches have passed through Olga Rybina’s school. It is not enough for her to be successful herself, she makes sure that her students achieve no less success.

Member of the International Association of Coaches MCC ICF

Ольга Рыбина сертификат MCC
Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

Coaching for Olga is more than a profession. This is a lifestyle, thinking, relationships. She masterfully uses all facets of coaching for the development of those who are lucky enough to be with her.

For someone she is:

  • a master coach who helps to solve tasks that are significant for a person and business,
  • the one who passes on her skills, that means, a teacher and mentor,
  • an expert and a «supervision».

There are a lot of materials on the Internet where Olga acts as a coach, teacher, coach, expert. These materials are in great demand among those who are improving skills in the coaching profession. But to become a unique coach, it is important first of all to be a unique person. And the formation of a personality is not so much about training as about life experience. Which Olga is also ready to share.

We are preparing a series of articles in which you can get to know Olga better and, if necessary, apply her experience as your own resource.

Olga Rybina: it is easy to reach the top if…

Коуч Ольга Рыбина

When a person reaches significant professional heights, the question arises about the secret of their success. What helped more: coincidence, talent, hard work? And will others be able to repeat the result?

The recipe for success from Olga Rybina is at the end of the article. But in order to use it, it is important to understand where it came from.

Childhood: low start

Olga had never told this story in public before. The realities of her childhood were too far from the pink-happy stereotype. In fact, her starting positions gave very little chance of conquering at least some Olympus. A wooden barrack with tiny rooms and no amenities in a working-class area of Perm is not at all the place where people think about self-realization and talent development. And this is not the worst thing: when Olga was six years old, her mother died.

–  I’ll never forget that day. Mom’s friend came to us. Suddenly mom felt very sick, I rushed to her, and her friend told me to urgently run to the Ambulance (there were problems with telephones at that time). I remember running, how scared I was, but I got there, and then I came home. I came faster than the Ambulance arrived. I never saw my mom alive again.

Olya and her two-year-old brother were left in the care of their father. And he, of course, had no time to look after the children, he had to provide for his family. He was at work all day long. Olya had to take care of her little brother. Soon her father brought a new wife, and then a half-sister was born.

This is where childhood ended completely.

At the age of nine, she had to not only study and help around the house, but also accompany her brother to kindergarten, hang out with her sister. The stepmother did not abuse Olga and her brother, but her attention was focused on her own baby.

– My stepmother is a good woman and gave a lot to my brother and me, but she is completely different from my late mother. She had a purely rational approach to life and relationships, “without sentiment,” and her mother was considerate, sensitive, empathic. Apparently, her qualities were passed on to me. Losing my mom made me look deeper at many things. From early childhood, it was interesting how people build relationships, what another person is valuable to a person and what is heartache. And I often asked questions that puzzled adults. My family supported my curiosity and this quality, by the way, has been preserved to this day.

Challenging starting conditions break some, and harden others. After all, it is not without reason that athletes run faster from a low start! It’s just important to make your own choice in time.

Youth: a logical run-up

Studying was easy for Olga. After graduating from high school, she entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Perm State University. It would seem that where mathematics is, and where is coaching! However, studying at this faculty became a good basis for subsequent coaching successes.

– Mathematics helps to systematize, analyze, sort out information on shelves, teaches accuracy. This is a great way to train thinking to discipline, to develop logic. I am glad that I have maths behind me. Thanks to this, it brings out my strengths in coaching.

Having successfully graduated from university, Olga Rybina went to work at school: she always wanted to teach children. But, it turned out, teaching children and working at school are different things. The rigid vertical system, where students are expected to conform to a single standard, and teachers are required to strictly follow instructions, seemed stuffy and cramped to her. She could not endure such an atmosphere for a long time, she went on to study as a psychologist and graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University.

The «romance with psychology» turned out to be quite long and very fruitful. Olga opened her own practice, taught at Perm University, received a specialization in clinical psychology in St. Petersburg, got her PhD.

The time for coaching came later.

– I first heard the word «coaching» in 2002. A new term was uttered by one of the participants of the training, which I also attended. I bought a book, read it and didn’t understand anything: it was too complicated. I decided that coaching was not for me and safely abandoned it.

The second time I came across the word «coaching» was five years later, already in Moscow. There were a lot of introductory coaching meetings at that time, and I came to one of them. The first thing that happened there: the presenter was significantly late. And when she did come to the meeting, she did not apologize and did not explain herself. Therefore, I viewed her demo session through the prism of disrespectful attitude to time. And the question that the client came to her with could be worked out with the help of psychological methods known to me. In general, coaching didn’t work out for me again.

Mathematical education and extensive psychological practice – what could be the best basis for training the thinking of a future coach? Even if a person does not yet suspect that this particular profession is waiting for him.

Becoming: Olga Rybina – meeting with the master

In 2007, Olga was invited to work at a well-known sports club, and she needed new technologies.

– As a practicing psychologist, I realized that the knowledge I had did not quite meet the needs of athletes. In particular, they wanted to improve results. What could I offer them besides psychology?

By an effort of will, I forced myself to go to a coaching meeting again in 2009. The presenter was Svetlana Yuryevna Chumakova, the legendary MCC No. 1 in the Russian-speaking world. And I understood what coaching was all about. Moreover, it made a strong impression on me. The same year, I completed a four-module program and received a certificate. So I became an internal coach at an international professional sports club. I had an insane number of coaching sessions in the early years, both team and individual.

Then I realized that I needed to improve my professional skills and got PCC. Moreover, I passed the PCC exam only at the second attempt. It was after that that I completely immersed myself in coaching.

That is how the meeting with a real master determined Olga’s further path. Today Olga Rybina herself has become such a master and teacher for many coaches in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and 23 other countries of the world.

Experience: the dynamics of victories

Having conducted an extensive coaching practice, Olga Rybina also thought about her own training programs. Although at first it seemed that all the programs come down from the top, from the International Coaching Federation. But she tried – and it turned out!

– Larisa Buzalo gave me the idea to create my own program in the autumn of 2013. In 2014, on February 14, my daughter’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, I received a letter stating that our program had received ACTP status. It was the first Russian coaching training program and the first in the world in Russian, created by two Russian coaches.

It was the first victory. And a real breakthrough for the Russian coaching market. A year later, another Olga’s program was certified internationally, this time completely her own. A year later, Olga confirmed her highest international coaching qualification.

– In 2015, «Coaching: Opportunities without Borders» appeared – a program that still produces very good results. 

In 2016, I received MCC status. Interestingly, for 10 years there was only one MCC in Russia – Svetlana Yuryevna Chumakova. There are legends that coaches applied up to six times, but failed to pass certification. I passed the first time. And I decided that I would help others get this status. Because I know from experience: it is possible and it is easy if there is support. 

It is fundamentally important for me that there are as many good coaches on the Russian market as possible. Now my partner is Yuri Muradyan, MCC ICF. Our main topic is «Coaching and Psychology». There is something to talk about here. There is a huge resource in psychological knowledge for coaches. I am sure that there are a lot of deep, interesting projects ahead and another breakthrough in the Russian market.

And now – the promised recipe for success from Olga Rybina

– It’s easy to achieve your personal Olympus in coaching! And it doesn’t even really matter what events filled your life before. The important thing is the experience that can be extracted and applied from these events. And in order to extract and apply it, you have to meet your teacher. Someone who will share not only knowledge, but also their energy, support, and faith. I have learned to believe in my students the way I believed in myself ten years ago. In short, go ahead, and you will succeed!