How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

How Much Does a Life Coach Cost?

There is a moment in many people’s lives when life coaching services are necessary. Whether someone needs help reaching a specific goal, working on certain areas of their life where they are looking for clarity, or improving productivity, a life coach will be the right person. Once the person is clear about seeking the help of a life coach, the next process is to find the right one.

Finding the proper life coach is often not easy. The person must consider their needs, the budget they have, and the type of coaching they want. People who need a life coach can often waste time and money by not knowing what options are out there.

The cost of life coaching is usually higher than that of other types of services (e.g., psychological therapy) since it is not usually covered by medical insurance. People who want to have sessions with a life coach see that the prices are above what they can afford and often they are disappointed and stop looking. There are also times when they go to the wrong professional, which can do them more harm than good.

So that people have a better understanding of the average cost of a life coach and the fees that each life coach has, this article shows in detail what the costs are according to the type of life coaching service and location. With this information, people will be able to choose a life coach according to their needs and budget.

What Affects the Price of Life Coaching?

Different elements determine the cost of life coaching. The geographical location, professional preparation, and modality are some elements that influence the life coach fees. Due to the existing variety, people can choose the one they think is more affordable and convenient.

It is essential to know in detail what influences the average cost of a life coach so that the client can choose correctly.

Frequency of Life Coaching Sessions

The frequency of life coaching sessions is an element that influences coach pricing. Many life coaches have set amounts for individual sessions and session packages. There are times when it is more beneficial for a client to purchase a package of sessions for the full cost, but other times the client cannot pay the amount at the moment and resorts to a single session.

Single Sessions

There are life coaches that offer individual sessions and have a specific price for them, regardless of the number of sessions the person takes. Depending on the location, the life coach fees may vary. There are some life coaches who charge $90 per hour and others that charge $125 per hour.

Life Coach Packages

Those who are interested in recurring sessions with a life coach can benefit from the packages they offer. The packages are flexible and can be tailored to the client’s needs. Prices can vary, three to four 60-minute sessions can cost between $300-$350. There are also monthly packages that range from $250 to $750 per month.

In general, life coaching session packages have discounts that make the price per session lower.

Life Coach Hourly Rate

In general, the duration of a coaching session ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. However, 45 minutes is usually the most used standard not only by life coaches but also by professionals who provide therapy. This 45 minute time frame is usually an effective time to address the client’s situation, strategize for work, and summarize the session appropriately.

There are coaching sessions that can extend to 90 minutes. Many times, in the first session the coach takes more time to get to know their client better and have details of the situations to work on.

Where You Live

Life coaching fees will also be based on the coach’s location. Depending on where they are, each coach usually has a different price.

Apart from the location, there are price differences between face to face or online sessions.

Online vs Face-to-Face Sessions

Virtuality has allowed people not to have to travel to benefit from life coaching services. The online option not only offers advantages in terms of mobility but also in prices.

Online life coach fees are generally less expensive than face-to-face sessions. In online sessions, there are no local expenses and other invoices as there are in face-to-face sessions. The average cost of a life coach online is between $70-$80, while in-person prices start at $90.

The Value of Life Coaching

Life coaching can be very valuable to many people in many different ways. Although the average cost of a life coach can indeed be inconvenient for some people since, unlike therapy, it does not have insurance coverage, it’s becoming more affordable due to the different ways the service is provided

Life coaching goes directly to the problem and works with the client in the search for solutions through various strategies. The client will remain working with their coach until they can achieve their goals. Some people can achieve these processes on their own, but many need the support of someone else and that is what the life coach is for. The advantage that exists today is that the coach pricing is according to the needs and budget of each individual

How to Find a Life Coach?

Finding a life coach today is easier due to the different search channels that exist. For a person who wants the face-to-face service of a life coach, starting with a simple Google search can be a good start. Putting in the location with the search will show how close the person is. The life coach is likely to have a website, where more information about the type of services and costs can be obtained.

FAQs About Cost of Life Coaching

Do I need a life coach?

If you feel you are in the process where you are experiencing changes, you want to allow yourself to try new things or you want to set new goals, but you do not know how to do it, a life coach will be the ideal person. There are moments in life when a person can feel confused about certain aspects of their life, they do not know where they want to go and for situations like this, the life coach is the right professional to help you with this process.

What to expect at my first appointment?

In your first coaching session, you can expect several questions from the life coach, to get more information about you and to help you throughout your process. During the session, the life coach will try to make you feel comfortable so that both of you can establish a good relationship to make the process positive and satisfactory.

Is life coaching worth it?

For those people who need the support of someone who can push them to give more, achieve their goals, and help them get up when they feel down, life coaching will be worth it. Not everyone can solve their problems on their own and find their way, so investing in a life coach has its advantages.


Life coach fees can vary according to the location, modality, and type of service, so the person who wants to use the service of a life coach must take these elements into account for their search and thus find the right one. Coach pricing also involves the number of sessions that the person wants, so it is important to look at what options the life coach offers when paying.